6008 30th Ave Dr E Palmetto, FL 34221
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Daily
6008 30th Ave Dr E Palmetto, FL 34221
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Daily
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09 May, 2021
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Short Biography of Albert Eric Booth

Albert (Eric) Booth has been a resident of Manatee County for his entire life. He comes from a nuclear family where his father has worked as an electrician for 40+ years. At one time he partnered with his father to own and manage Booth Electric of Palmetto.

If you asked Eric why he chose the electrical field, he would tell you because of the challenge. The challenge in troubleshooting an electrical issue and the challenge of using his knowledge and skills to provide a service to a much-needed customer.

Eric has not only excelled in the electrical world but also in the Emergency Management field. He was part of the Manatee County EMS for 10 years as an Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. Often working as both a Journeyman electrician and medical technician. His love of the electrical industry brought him back to the electrical field fulltime in 2012. That is when he achieved his Unlimited Electrical Contractors License. He returned to his father’s company until he decided to begin his journey into the solar profession. He started working at a solar company as a Director of Operations. He quickly learned the solar industry and found a renewed passion for an avenue he had often considered but never dove into.

His knowledge of the solar industry has grown in the last three years by leaps and bounds and he is confident in his ability to give the customer exactly what they need and often what they want for their solar needs. His desire to give the best possibly customer service he could, an A+ customer service if you will, drove him to begin his own company under his own terms, partnering with his star employee, Diego Gutierrez.

On February 6th of 2020, Eric and Diego started their own company with a desire to give the customer the best possible service they could. Every day is filled with the hope that they can more than just satisfy the customer but leave them feeling like they got what was not only promised to them but what they deserve.

Who Eric chooses to hire to install the Photovoltaic Solar Systems must be able to fulfil the demands that Eric requires for all of his jobs. Whether he is busy in his electrical company, ETD Electrical Services or his solar company, ETD Solar Services, every day brings with it a challenge to be met and overcome, one he gladly accepts.