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23 Jul, 2021
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Is It Expensive To Maintain Solar Panels?

Wouldn’t it be nice to save on your electricity bills every month? Solar panels are a great way to make this happen, but before you can make a return on investment, you have to understand all of the costs involved. Read about Maintaining Solar Panels below.

Often overlooked but extremely important is the cost of solar panel maintenance. Not sure what solar panel maintenance involves and how much you’ll need to spend? Our guide can help.

Read on to learn more.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panel Maintenance?

When answering, “what is the cost of solar panel maintenance?”, you have to consider several factors. Maintenance could include cleaning, inspection, repairs, and sometimes replacement.

We’ll break down the maintenance cost of solar panels within the four categories.

Cost of Solar Panel Cleaning

On average, it costs around $150 to $350 to clean solar panels. The price heavily depends on the following factors:

  • Location
  • House Height
  • Roof slant
  • Type of solar setup

If you have a 20 panel 3kW solar system, you’ll have to pay more than the average. This system could cost you anywhere from $500 to $700.

Some companies will bill you per panel. If this is the case, you can expect to pay up to $35 per panel. However, some businesses will offer you a flat fee instead.

Cost of Solar Panel Inspection

Solar panel maintenance cost includes an inspection. For rooftop solar panels, the average cost of the inspection is $150 to $300. The cost may increase if the technician needs to repair or replace your system in any way.

The process of a solar panel inspection is not so simple. This is something you’ll need to do every year. The cost above reflects the annual solar panel maintenance cost.

A qualified technician makes sure your solar panels are worth the investment by completing a series of tasks.

Cost of Solar Panel Repair

The average maintenance cost for solar panels if you need a repair might be as little as $20 or as much as $3000. The price will depend on the severity of damage to your solar system.

No matter what you pay, the cost of repairs is worth it as damage can lead to electricity shorts, decreased performance, and house fires. The most common damages that may occur are as follows:

  • Broken glass
  • Obstructing branches
  • Loose wiring
  • Cracked panels
  • Corrosion
  • Broken inverter
  • Damaged tiling

Broken glass is generally the least expensive thing to fix while damaged tile is the most expensive.

Cost of Solar Panel Replacement

The more solar panels you need to have replaced, the higher your expenses will be. Repairing solar panels is the cheaper option as replacement costs exceed $1000 and can be up to $6000.

Do Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

If your solar panels need a good cleaning, inspection, repair, or replacement, this cost guide can help you understand how much you can expect to spend. But, how do you know when your solar panels need maintenance?

If your solar panels aren’t producing at the same electricity levels as they once were, you might need solar panel maintenance. The cost of solar panel maintenance will depend on multiple factors outlined in this guide.

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